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how do I receive my photos?

You will receive your photos through a website called PASS. Once your photos are completed, I will email you a link to your gallery and give you a code to access it. The code is your password to enter and can be shared with your family and friends for them to see on their own devices if they wish. Without the code, the gallery remains private. You can download all of your full-quality photos to your computer through PASS, and from there, distribute them to USB's, CD's, or send them to a printing house to get them printed. If desired, I can upload them for you onto a USB for an added cost of $20. 


how do you take payments?

I take payments through e-transfer or cash. If paying with cash, please bring it to our photoshoot. I will email you to remind you of your session date prior to the shoot as well as a reminder to bring or send your payment. We will not move forward with the photoshoot if the payment has not been made.

how long before I receive my photographs?

This is BY FAR the most frequent question asked and I know it's hard to wait. Keep in mind that your money goes not only to the photoshoot itself, but to the many hours I spend after the shoot sitting with my computer sorting through photographs to make them look the best that they can possibly be. 


For the sessions (Wanderer, Aster-Rose, & At-Home): guaranteed completion within 2 weeks of your shoot. 


For weddings: guaranteed completion 45-60 days (1.5-2 months) after your big day. 

do we receive the raw & Unedited files?

I know there is often a desire to have every single photo that was captured during a session or a wedding. However, as part of my practice, I do not include the raw and unedited files as part of your final collection of photographs. I spend many hours carefully choosing the best photos and editing them to enhance their quality. This is a portion of what you pay for when you pay for my services. Think of it like ordering a painting from a painter. A client would never ask for the painting only half completed. Trust us with your photographs!

how much do you charge?

Please refer to my sessions page for pricing. Weddings are priced individually based on many factors that fit the bride and groom's day. To contact me about weddings please send an email to

how far will you travel?

I will travel up to 60 km of Sydenham, Ontario. However, there are some exceptions to this distance so please don't hesitate to contact me at to discuss. 

what should we wear to our photoshoot?

This varies shoot to shoot. I recommend you wear colours that go well together, of course. However, if you are really stumped for what colours to wear, I would be happy to send you a colour palette to base your outfits off of. I have palettes for every season you can take a look at. I tend to stick to lighter colours - whites, beige, pastels, and anything neutral. 

do you shoot video at weddings?

I do not take video footage at weddings. My primary focus is photography. If you're interested in having video taken on your wedding day, I recommend you seek out a professional videographer as they have the proper equipment and skills. 

Do you include a second shooter?

As of now, I do not include a second shooter. 

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