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The business


At Sun & Bloom we strive to make getting your photos taken the best experience it can possibly be. We specialize in children's photography and strive to turn every session into a fun and exciting exploration of the outdoors, in the studio, or comfortably in the privacy of your own home. 
Although I do love plants (I'm guilty of being like everyone else these days🪴), I felt that Sun and Bloom spoke well to the regular subjects of my portraits. Such as plants, with the sun and each day that passed by, we grow too. Life moves too quick. Take the photos, or better yet, come to me and get the photos taken! 📸 

Please feel free to explore the website and please don't hesitate to email me at to discuss any questions or concerns you may have about what I do and what I offer. I would love to chat with you about what you're looking for in your photos.

We are based in Sydenham, ON but travel frequently. 



I'm Holly! I'm the fun aunt, the cool sister, and the favourite daughter??? (emphasis on the question marks). Portraits have become my main concentration for the past five years after studying photography in the School of Image Arts at Toronto Metropolitan University (formerly Ryerson University).  Although I'm not a mother myself, I have watched my sisters grow as mothers and spent lots of time around their babies (cue the fun aunt statement). Why is it that kids are funnier than grown adults? Seriously. They're my inspo for

wanting to work with kids more often! I've coached soccer for three year olds, spent a year or two as a school portrait photographer, emergency supply taught, tutored high school students, and taught english to kids across the globe. 

I'm currently working on a Bachelor of Education in the Technological Education stream but prior to that... I earned my Bachelor of Fine Arts with a major in Photography, specialization in Integrated Digital, and minor in Music and Culture. I spent the majority of my time in school studying the relationships between technology and the arts, surrealism, and the genre of portraiture. I created a mass of multi-medium projects and focused my thesis on an interactive augmented reality children's book to help them better understand the concept of rhythm in music theory! 

Annnnnnd before this turns into a CV, that's enough about me! Hopefully I get to know more about YOU and your family sometime in the future! Please reach out. I love to talk. 

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