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Small Scale

During the first year of COVID19, couples planning weddings were required to cut down on their guest list to accommodate for the safety guidelines given by the province. In this time, the weddings I had booked were scaled down to smaller sizes in order for them to take place both indoors and outdoors. 

Long story short: I FELL IN LOVE WITH SMALL WEDDINGS. Weddings with a small audience. Weddings in your backyard. Intimate weddings. A wedding where you only need a photographer for 2-3 HOURS - if that. I'm in love with the little-ness. 

If you're unsure about what you want, send me a message or call me on the phone! We can talk about it. I'm not here just for business! I have guided several brides into the hands of photographers who most suit their needs or specific style. And if I'm the one you choose... we'll I'm happy to be so. ☺

Below is a gallery of photographs from my most recent weddings:

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